Is a Best-Selling Book in Your Future?

Have you thought about what writing a Best-Selling Book would do for you and your business?

To begin with, everyone has a unique story to tell. Why not transform that story into a Best-Selling Book? Imagine how your business would change if you had a Best-Selling Book, designed to make you the “go to” authority in your field. Because you’re a Best-Selling Author clients would seek you out because you literally “wrote the book” about solving their problem and eliminating their pain.

What’s your excuse for not writing a Best-Selling Book?

Most fitness professional have “thought” about writing a book. But they never do it for several reasons, including:

  • I don’t have time
  • I lack the technical background
  • I’m not a writer
  • I don’t know what to write about
  • I don’t know how to market it
  • I don’t know a publisher

What’s your excuse? As Ryan Blaire says, “If it’s important you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse”.

Welcome to the Sea of Sameness?

To begin with, Let’s be brutally honest. If you don’t stand out in the sea of sameness, you’ll never reach your full business success. Why? Because when prospects are ready to buy, you will be compared to your competitors. Even referrals educate themselves by visiting many websites and compare offerings, prices. What they typically see are several similar websites, all offering similar products or services, personal trainers with multiple certifications after their name with little or no differences. How do prospects know who to select? How many clients or patients are you losing every month because you are not differentiating from your competitors and giving your prospects a reason to pick you?

Finally, THE BEST WAY to quickly leave the sea of sameness is to: 1) Get interviewed, 2) Get promoted in the news, and 3) Get published and 4) Have it become a Best-Selling book. That’s what I do! I’m looking for guests for my podcast, Never Too Late for Fitness Radio. Message me and let’s talk about how you can become a Best-Selling author in as little as 60 days.

Leverage Authority: 25 Ways to Get the Most From a Media Interview

Do you want to leverage authority from a radio interview?

Many small businesses and professionals make the big mistake by thinking the interview is the end game, when it’s just the beginning. Leveraging your authority is where the real magic happens.

If your goal is to use the interview to help build your business, then you’ll have to do some work. Why? Because most podcasts and online radio shows don’t have the viewers to make anyone an overnight sensation like Oprah and the Tonight Show used to do. Therefore, you need to look at the interview differently.

Content and Leverage Authority

The first thing you’ll need to realize is that the interview has two specific objectives. The content from the interview helps you deliver your message to your prospective clients. The second objective is to use the interview to build your authority in your market with your prospective clients. This second objective is more important to your business success because far more people can discover that you were interviewed than will ever listen to the actual interview. Does this mean the interview isn’t important? No. It is important. But it’s a lot easier to leverage authority for being interviewed than it is to get people to take the time to listen to the interview.

Leverage Authority with Social Media

With social media, it’s possible to let hundreds or even thousands of very targeted prospects to know about your interview. Every person who views a post, tweet, share etc. has the potential to listen to the interview, like it, share it and comment on it. To those people, you are the authority on the interview subject. You positioned yourself in those people’s mind above your competition. You now have a competitive advantage that you can leverage.

An example of leveraging authority is comedians. Clubs promote comedians by their most popular gigs, like, “as seen on Comedy Central”. Even if people haven’t ever heard of comedians, people assume they are funny because of the shows they’ve been on.

Take a moment to imagine that you were just interviewed on the Tonight Show. How many people would you want to know about it? EVERYBODY! You should treat every interview and media exposure to leverage authority to separate you from the competition and position yourself as the go to person in your market and business niche.

Podcasts are Evergreen

Another point to remember is that podcasts are evergreen. This means that once published, they are online forever. You can mine their impact over time by using different social media platforms and changing how you package the announcement. For example, you can use personalized podcast cover art with the first announcement, a screenshot of one of your media releases about your appearance on a show for the second announcement, a direct link to the podcast site on your third announcement, and a personal request to “check it out” in your fourth announcement. If you are creative, persistent and consistent your authority and top of mind awareness will grow.

25 Actions to Leverage Authority

Here are specific actions you can take to leverage your authority and distance yourself from the competition:

  1. Post it on the media page of your website. If you don’t have one create it.
  2. Post it on up to 10 other social media channels.
  3. Transcribe it and make it part or a whole book chapter….
  4. Transcribe the interview and turn into a series of blog posts.
  5. Load the interview onto a DVD and use as a shock and awe package or new client welcome package.
  6. Use it as a demo tape and send out for possible local speaking engagements.
  7. Email an announcement about the interview to your clients and include a link to interview.
  8. Upload the interview to Your Tube channel.
  9. Make it a part of a webinar.
  10. Become a published author by using a series of interviews as chapters in an Amazon book and then run a Best Seller Campaign.
  11. Upload transcription onto LinkedIn and use it as a pulse article.
  12. Send it as a demo disc to local radio and TV stations as part of your pitch to book interviews.
  13. Upload the interview on FB with picture of you and the host.
  14. Create a social media “I was just interviewed on…” graphic you can post on various platforms.
  15. Use excerpts from interview as content for your newsletter.
  16. Tweet a key point with a link to the interview.
  17. Write an informational media release containing 3-4 points you made in your interview and submit it to a press release system that syndicates it to affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. Then you can add something like this to your website and marketing materials:
  18. Submit transcription as an article to online news magazines like Business Innovators Magazine.
  19. Submit links to the interview as part of your pitch get interviews on other pod casts.
  20. Like, comment and share on all social media platforms and ask friends and client to do the same. Be sure to give them a reason to do so. You might say, “If you want to learn some great strategies about losing stubborn belly fat, listen to the interview I gave on…”
  21. Include “as featured on … radio show” in your bio and social media profiles.
  22. Create social media graphics using quotes from your interview or provocative questions. Include a link to the interview.
  23. Write blog posts with quotes from the interview and a link to it.
  24. Include a summary of the interview and a link to it as part of your marketing materials.
  25. Like, comment, tweet, share and follow everyone who likes your posts. Build a following by following others.

Remember, the most effective formula to leverage your authority is to 1) Get interviewed, 2) Get promoted in the news, and 3) Get published. That’s what I do! I’m looking for guests for my podcasts, Business Innovators Radio and Never Too Late for Fitness Radio. Message me if interested and I’ll send you all the details. Isn’t it time you leveraged your authority to stand out from the crowd?