Will Your Business Survive in Today’s Economy?

Competition in the marketplace is growing fiercer every day. Every sale and every customer is being contested and the only thing standing between winning and losing them is your salespeople. If their motivation or capability begins to slide so will your sales. Can you afford for that to happen?

The key to ensuring that your salespeople are performing at their best and are fully motivated is coaching.

Here’s the dilemma:

  1. Most salespeople’s performance can measurably improve from coaching and they are open to receiving it.
  2. However, they won’t get any because their manager doesn’t know how or can’t find the time.

If this sounds familiar I invite you to read on.

Coaching for Peak Sales Performance was developed to help sales managers, executives and business owners to plan and execute a coaching program that delivers measurable and sustained results.

This is the best sales coaching resource available because:

Reason #1– The concepts and skills are based on real world, best practices proven in multiple industries including: Advertising, Automotive, Broadcasting, Biotech, Cable, Education, Health Care, Medical Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Real Estate, Printing, Retail and others.

Reason #2– It’s presented in a practical, to the point manner. You’ll find thirty seven pages of step-by-step ready to use content

Reason #3-We make it easy to apply because we provide templates and examples.

Here is a Summary of what you’ll discover inside How to Coach for Peak Sales Performance.

  • Learn how to develop the coaching mindset (pages 1-2)
  • How to allocate your coaching time so that it produces the best short term and long term results (page 3)
  • Two powerful questions that help you zero in on your high leverage coaching priorities (page 3)
  • A system that prevents coaching from becoming a “Round TO IT”(5-9)
  • Three key concepts for motivating each salesperson to the max (page 12)
  • A simple yet powerful test for determining the impact of each coaching initiative (Page 14)
  • Specific steps to take prior to coaching that prevents confusion and loss of time (pages 21-22)
  • Keys for determining the three types of coaching calls and how to prepare for each one (page 23)
  • What to do prior to and after a training call to ensure optimal learning (page 23)
  • Simple tips for getting the most from a joint call (pages 23-24)
  • How to assess a salesperson’s performance during a coaching call (page 24)
  • What really happens when the manager “steps in”(page 25)
  • The keys to strategically position yourself on each call (page 26)
  • The ten key objectives of coaching calls (page 27)
  • A 12 step process that assists salespeople in taking responsibility for their performance and development (page 28)
  • Guidelines and examples on how to plan and document coaching results (pages 29-33)
  • The five biggest coaching mistakes (page 34)
  • The most overlooked skill that can sabotages coaching success (page 35)
  • A checklist for what to do prior to, during and after a coaching call (page 36)

Coaching for Peak Performance will help you:

  • Develop a Coaching Budget that will give you the best return on your time invested
  • Plan your field visits/coaching sessions
  • Determine the purpose, roles and responsibilities of every sales call you make with your salespeople
  • Conduct effective post call sessions
  • Provide effective follow up and reinforcement for sustained improvement

As a manager you’re responsible for achieving results through your people. To do this you must make sure each of your salespeople has the skills, knowledge and support to perform their job. Your second priority is to help them to develop their own capabilities to their fullest potential. Only then can you expect to achieve peak performance.

Here are the eight steps for Coaching for Peak Performance:

  1. Developing the coaching mind set
  2. Developing the Annual Coaching Plan
  3. Creating wins
  4. Preparation for Coaching Sessions/Field Visits
  5. Making calls with salespeople
  6. Conducting Post-Call Coaching Sessions
  7. Conducting Development Review Meetings
  8. Reinforcing Progress

In a competitive marketplace where every sale and every customer counts you need salespeople who are selling at the top of their game. Don’t leave their performance and motivation to chance. Develop the skills and practices that will allow you to Coach for Peak Sales Performance.