If you rely on the traditional “sink or swim” method of training you’re leaving the success of your organization to chance. Here are some numbers that should motivate you to do everything possible to ensure your new hire’s success.

  • High performing salespeople out sell marginal salespeople 50-400%
  • Over five years the difference between an average and high performer is usually measured in millions.
  • Turnover costs can be $500-600,000 in direct costs and opportunity costs.
  • 80% of lost sales are a reflection of poor training: ineffective qualification and poor sales process planning

Training Winners: The Fast Track Sales Training System is dedicated to the committed business owners, executives and sales managers who are responsible for building and sustaining a successful sales organization but lack the time and expertise to design and develop a comprehensive new rep training program. Only 43% of companies have a formal sales training program so most managers do their new rep hiring on the “fly” and it shows. Based on recent published reports:

  • Barely 50% of salespeople make their sales objective
  • Turnover runs 40-50%in many industries
  • Sales forecasting accuracy runs 25-50%

If you want to give your sales organization better odds than this “Training Winners” is just for you. Training Winners walks you step by step through the entire new rep training process ensuring your new hire gets the training needed to hit the road running full speed.

Specifically, Training Winners will help you:

  • Save time and resources preparing your new hires to be field ready
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Enhance customer relationships and loyalty
  • Promote effective team work
  • Increase new hire confidence
  • Supports career longevity

Training Winners is a practical and comprehensive guide for those business owners, company executives and sales managers who want to succeed because:

  1. “Training Winners” is based on the program design methodologies that have been proven successful in dozens of industries and helped thousands of new salespeople achieve sales success.
  2. “Training Winners” allow managers to easily adapt the program to fit the unique requirements of each salesperson and the resources of the company.
  3. “Training Winners” is easy to implement because it outlines the procedure for each step and provides the necessary forms or worksheets with an example.

Here is a summary of what you’ll find inside “Training Winners”:

The Trainer’s Guide-This is the resource that managers use to plan, implement and monitor progress during each of the ten steps in the training system. Specifically discover how to:

  • Adapt the training agenda to address the new hire’s biggest development needs and the company’s greatest sales objectives (Page 2-4 )
  • Plan, monitor and measure each training activity (pages9-14)
  • Ensure both accountability and responsibility for results (pages 15-16)
  • Educate new hires on how the company works while promoting inter-departmental team work. (pages 19-20)
  • Ensuring that new hires are properly armed with product knowledge (pages 27-28)
  • Promote the new hire’s practical understanding of your company’s unique sales process.(page 35)
  • Provide the basic selling skills required to succeed.( page 41)
  • Create effective opportunities for new hires to develop productive relationships with key customers. (page 46-48)
  • Assist new hires in developing insights and confidence into what is required to succeed in the territory. (pages 52-53)
  • Effectively assess the skills and development needs of new hires. (pages 63-64)
  • Develop a realistic plan that addresses the new hire’s highest priority development needs.( pages 67-68)

The Training Journal- This is the new hire’s resource for understanding each step of the Fast Track Training. In this section new hires will learn how to:

  • Actively participate in their own training and development
  • Pin point their selling strengths and improvement areas
  • Effectively communicate their progress during each step of the Fast Track Training.
  • Gain insights into the inner working of the organization
  • Develop productive relationships with team members
  • Develop Key account Strategies
  • Prepare to manage the territory after the Fast Track Training.

Training Winners is comprehensive. It covers each of the following 10 training steps:

  1.    Initial Development Review Meeting
  2.    Company Orientation
  3.    Industry Knowledge
  4.    Product Knowledge
  5.    Field Observation
  6.    Sales Skills Training
  7.    Supervised Field Training
  8.    Unsupervised Field Training
  9.    Field Evaluation
  10.   Final Development Review Meeting

Training Winners is flexibly adaptable to the resources of any organization. Every section provides a form, checklist or worksheet that can be easily adapted to any organization. Training Winners has been adapted to train a single rep and several hundred. It has been used in many industries including: automotive, broadcast, cable, environmental services, insurance, mosquito control, printing and others.

Training Winners is an integrated training system that provides training resources for both the manager and salesperson. All steps. Sections and exercises are coordinated by the manager with the salesperson. Practical examples are provided at every step.

There are two principles that drive every organization:

  1. If you don’t have customers you don’t have a business!
  2. Nothing happens until somebody makes a sale!

What are you doing to make sure that your company has customers and that somebody is making sales? Having a high performing sales team is no longer a luxury… it is absolutely essential for success.

Every new salesperson you hire has the potential to dramatically alter the future success and sustainability of your organization. Leave their training to chance and your sales, profits and customer loyalty can be negatively impacted for years to come. Train them to be winners and secure your company’s financial future. The choice is yours!

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