Are your sales meetings like trips to the dentist or going to Disney World? The difference is in how you prepare, lead and follow up on each meeting.

Sales meetings are an integral part of a salesperson’s life. During these meetings they receive information, recognition, training, direction, and motivation. Some managers schedule one or two meetings per week, while others do them as little as once a quarter. Logistics, time, the number of salespeople, and their experience levels often dictate the type and frequency of these meetings. No matter how frequently you conduct sales meetings, this booklet is designed to help you run them more effectively.

This booklet will help you:
  • Identify the elements of a successful sales meeting.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your sales meeting.
  • Clarify meeting roles for yourself and participants.
  • Create a productive agenda.
  • Identify the steps required to plan a meeting.
  • Establish control of the meeting and get active participation.
  • Bring a meeting to a successful conclusion.
  • Evaluate the success of your sales meetings.

How to conduct Effective Sales Meetings provides you with practical and proven checklists, assessments; guidelines and examples that walk you through every step of the sales meeting process from preparation through follow up.

Make sure that your next sales meeting engages, inspires and motivates your sales team so that you get the sales results you want.

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