How to Hire Salespeople Who Will Dramatically Grow Sales, Increase Profits and Promote Greater Customer Loyalty

Hiring Winners” is dedicated to the countless sales managers and company executives who are responsible for building a successful sales organization, yet lack the recruiting, interviewing and selection skills to do it. To them interviewing is similar to the crash landing skills of an airline pilots. It’s not something they do very often, but when the occasion arises, it must be done right. If it’s not done right, the results for both pilots and managers are the same…they both crash and burn.

Although experience is the best teacher, most managers can’t afford the tuition of making mistakes that this guide can help them avoid. “Hiring Winners” provides you with the knowledge, procedures, techniques, and administrative forms needed to conduct successful hiring campaigns.

Specifically, “Hiring Winners” will help you:

  • Reduce turnover and costly hiring mistakes
  • Develop selection criteria for each key sales position
  • Improve your recruiting efforts
  • Identify candidates who can do the job and are motivated to work for you
  • Develop interviewing questions that help you see beyond the candidate’s interviewing façade
  • Ask sensitive but necessary questions without violating the candidate’s legal rights
  • Select candidates who are “programmed” to succeed for your company
  • Clarify the training resources required to make each candidate successful

Hiring Winners” is an essential resource for those who sincerely want to succeed because:

  • Hiring Winners” is based on proven best practices that have consistently produced results for companies of every size including: Amgen, AMS, C.R. Bard, DeVry, Chrysler, Clarke, Genex, Harrison Printing, Triple I, Telecommunications Inc, Waste Management and others.
  • Hiring Winners” is comprehensive. Each step in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process is covered in detail.
  • Hiring Winners” is practical and easily applied because it includes worksheets, examples, case studies, self assessments and checklists

Here is a summary of what you’ll find inside “Hiring Winners”:

  • Learn the staggering truth about the actual costs of a hiring mistake (pages 10-11)
  • How to get ahead of the hiring curve by developing a sales force staffing plan (page 15-16)
  • Tips for getting better results from ads, recruiters and networking (pages 17-22)
  • How to create an endless supply of targeted, highly qualifies candidates at little or no costs (pages 25-26)
  • The critical four- step process for creating the hiring blue print that identifies high performers that are right for your organization (pages 30-40)
  • A comprehensive list of the most essential critical job dimensions with descriptions and standards-compiled from research conducted with proven market leaders (pages 48-54)
  • How to quickly and effectively evaluate resumes (pages 57-66)
  • A Proven Template for planning and conducting effective telephone screening calls (pages 72-73)
  • The nine step personal interview process that compels candidates to reveal their true capabilities without manipulation or “tricks”(pages 77-78)
  • Discover questions that can get you in legal “hot water” and the legal/ethical way to get the same information (pages 80-84)
  • Powerful tips for improving your questioning effectiveness (page 93)
  • Discover how your bias impacts your decision making…and what you can do to prevent it from happening (pages 97-99)
  • Discover real life Dos and Don’ts in a case study modeling an effective interview (pages 101-109)
  • Reproducible Interview Guide, Candidate Evaluation Form and Interview Worksheet you can use for your own interviews (pages 110-115)
  • How to ask the most penetrating questions and evaluate candidates responses to the most important Critical Job Dimensions (pages 116-149)
  • Avoid costly hiring mistakes by using these seven knock out factors (pages 151-152)
  • How to make sure that candidates interview with all the right people in your organization (page 160)
  • Will a personality or hiring test improve your chances of hiring a winner? Take this 12 question checklist to find out (page 171)
  • Has reverence checks been a dead end in the past? Use this step-by- step process for conducting revealing reference checks (pages 176-177)
  • Have you made costly hiring mistakes in the past? Avoid repeating them by completing this exercise. (pages 184-185)
  • The answers to these six questions all but guarantees you don’t hire the wrong person (page 186)
  • A proven Reproducible Template for comparing your top candidates (pages 189-190)
  • Not sure how to handle the candidate who you don’t hire? Learn proven guidelines for notifying the “other” candidates (page195)
  • When the new rep is hired you’ll discover four keys to getting the most from a new hire training program (pages 205-206)
  • How do you increase your effectiveness in hiring winners? Complete the Manager’s Interviewing and Selection Self-Assessment and develop your own personal development plan ( Appendix)
  • Sample Ideal Candidate Profiles of high performers in six industries (Appendix)

In a competitive marketplace where every customer and every sale will be heavily contested having high performing salespeople is no longer a luxury…it is essential for success. Every salesperson that is added to your sales team has the potential to dramatically alter your company’s financial future. Hire winners and see sales and profits sky rocket. Make a hiring mistake and you’ll be paying dearly for years to come. Don’t take that chance.

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